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About Solar Maid

In the summer of 2003 our founder and current General Manager, Jay Welsh saw an opportunity in the growing solar industry to help system owners keep their assets producing at peak outputs long after the initial installation. With the solar industry still in its infancy at the time, Mr. Welsh used this time wisely setting up and developing a long-term business strategy in anticipation of the exploding solar market.

The first 5 years were spent selling & testing the concept with investors and local EPC’s along with intense industry education and brand building. In late 2006 the industry began to see a very rapid expansion and it was decided that it was time to roll out the business plan and start our own rapid expansion. In the last part of 2008, we had developed 7 satellite offices and within 3 years we had over 40 offices in 4 countries.
Solar Maid is now headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA with service offices throughout North America, Australia, and parts of Europe. Whether you need dust washed from solar panels in California, bird droppings in Long Island NY, pollen in Central Italy, snow removal in Ottawa, Canada, or sodium build-up in Eastern Australia, Solar Maid has local, professionally trained operators ready to service your Janitorial solar O&M requirements.
Solar Maid was the first company in the world to specialize in “Janitorial Solar O&M” and is still by far the largest with continued global expansion plans. Solar Maid not only developed the industry standards for this new service sector, but we have also created an industry-best safety program.

The Solar Maid Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AE Media Group LLC, “Solar Maid” is a registered trade and service mark and one of the strongest brand names within the solar industry.

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