Pest Abatement & Snow Mitigation

Solar Maid Pest Stop

Solar Maid is the foremost expert in solar pest abatement, providing effective and comprehensive solutions for both residential and commercial properties. Our experienced team is prepared to tackle any pest issue, ensuring your solar panels remain undamaged and operate at peak efficiency.

Our signature Solar Maid Pest Stop® system, specifically designed for bird and squirrel abatement, is our most popular solution for residential applications. We stand by the quality and durability of our Pest Stop system, offering a lifetime guarantee* for your peace of mind.

Our process begins with the thorough removal of pests and all associated debris. Our skilled technicians then install the Pest Stop system, custom-cut to fit the exact dimensions of your solar panels, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal protection. To complete the service, we provide a comprehensive cleaning of your entire system and the affected roof area, leaving your solar panels looking and functioning like new.

With Solar Maid, you can trust that your solar investment is protected from pests, maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your panels. Choose the leader in solar pest abatement and experience the unparalleled quality and service that only Solar Maid can provide.

*Lifetime guarantee applies to the Pest Stop system under normal usage conditions. Terms and conditions apply

Solar Maid Snow Stop

Commercial and Govt. Asset Managers with carport systems in public areas need to limit liability and Snow Stop is the perfect solution.

Commercial and Govt. Asset Managers with carport systems in public areas need to limit liability and Snow Stop is the perfect solution.

Solar Maid is also the industry leader in snow abatement for both residential and commercial solar systems. Snow and ice falls from solar panels can pose significant safety and liability risks. Protect your home, business, and the public from potential harm by installing a Solar Maid Snow Stop® system.

Our Snow Stop systems are custom manufactured to perfectly fit your solar panels, ensuring seamless integration and maximum protection. Designed for durability, they provide years of reliable service and peace of mind. With Solar Maid Snow Stop®, you can safeguard your property and maintain the safety of everyone around it.

Choose Solar Maid for industry-leading solutions in both pest and snow abatement, and experience the unmatched quality and expertise that keeps your solar investments safe and efficient year-round.

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Noted: Snow Stop is only meant to limit the avalanche effect caused by snow and ice slides. This product is intended to provide a controlled snow melt only.

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